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Heavy Hitter CBD Preroll Flight

Heavy Hitter CBD Preroll Flight

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Why settle for just one or two of our prerolls, when you can get three of our most potent, sun-grown CBD cultivars, plus our slow-burning CBD Kief Blunts in one awesome bundle?

Introducing our Heavy Hitters CBD Preroll Flight. If you only want high levels of pre-rolled, smokable CBD, this is the flight for you.

When you buy Sunset Lake CBD’s Heavy Hitter Preroll Flight, you’ll save almost $10 when compared to buying each pack individually. That’s a 15% savings!

Sunset Lake CBD’s Heavy Hitter CBD Preroll Flight contains:

● Lifter - 17.8%

● Suver Haze - 17.1%

● Sour Lifter - 16.5%

● Kief Blunts - 18.8% 

Each of our cultivar preroll packs contains five 0.75g crown-folded prerolls housed in Raw-brand unbleached hemp paper. The CBD Kief Blunts will contain three 1g crown-folded prerolls of our proprietary mix of kief and hemp flower.

Suggested Use

How to light a Preroll

Lighting one of Sunset Lake CBD’s Prerolls will require a lighter and a little patience. First, you’ll want to hold the preroll by pinching the mouthpiece. Hold it so that its long side is parallel with the ground and use the lighter to light the crown (another name for the folded-over end). Take care to turn the preroll in your fingers as you light it to achieve a uniform burn.

Once the preroll can stay lit without the use of the lighter, pull the flame away and blow out any remaining active flame on the crown. Put the mouthpiece between your lips and pull slowly. You’ll know that you have a good burn going if the other end of the preroll glows during your pull.

How to smoke a Preroll

Once your preroll is lit and pulling without resistance, pull and inhale the smoke at your leisure. Keep smoking until you’re satisfied with your CBD dose, or you finish the preroll. Remember

that peak blood concentration of CBD occurs about 2 - 3 minutes after inhalation, so don’t rush through your preroll. Once you’re finished, please compost or dispose of your crutch responsibly.

How to light a Kief Blunt:

Lighting one of Sunset Lake CBD’s Kief Blunts will take a bit longer than a regular Pre Roll. Because the paper is made with pressed hemp, you will want to hold the ‘crown’ (folded over the end) over a flame without inhaling for at least 30 seconds, taking care to turn the crown to achieve an equal burn.

Once the end of the Kief Blunt is glowing red and stays lit without the aid of the flame, put the mouthpiece (the end with the white rolled insert) into your mouth and draw smoke slowly. It may be harder to pull at first and may need an additional flame for the first few pulls.

How to smoke a Kief Blunt:

Just like lighting Sunset Lake CBD’s Kief Blunt, you’ll want to smoke it slower than you would a regular Pre Roll. Because the material inside is finer and more compact, it will burn slower than the hemp wrap. Be patient with your blunt— it should burn more evenly and you’ll get even more CBD out of it!

Keep smoking your Kief Blunt until you’re satisfied with your CBD dose, or your blunt is at its end. Please compost or dispose of your crutch responsibly.

Storage Directions

To maintain your product’s freshness, keep them inside their cardboard packaging with the moisture pack inside and the top securely attached. Store the cardboard tube in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and out of reach of children.

When properly stored, your prerolls should retain their potency and freshness for six months after the purchase date.


Kief Blunts: Pressed hemp paper wrap (70% hemp, 30% rice paper) Lifter hemp flower preroll mix, Sifted Lifter kief

Prerolls: Raw-brand Classic 98mm Cone, Sifted Preroll Mix 

Sun-grown, Pesticide-Free, and Vegan

Sunset Lake CBD’s Heavy Hitter CBD Preroll Flight contains a total delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration that does not exceed 0.3% on a dry-weight basis

  • Organic Swiss hemp

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Used by Practitioners in clinics

  • Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

  • Lab tested by third party

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