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Sour Lifter Hemp Flower – 16.5% CBD

Sour Lifter Hemp Flower – 16.5% CBD

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Our CBD’s Sour Lifter hemp flower means business. This cultivar has plenty of terpinolene to spare. Some seasoned users will find that a few puffs are all they’ll need to start their day with a nice mood boost. A few more and you may just find yourself calling out of work and enjoying the nice morning sunshine.

Sour Lifter is a Sativa-dominant sour cross cultivar. Many users find that this full-bodied sour flower will keep their day chill and focused.

More About Sour Lifter Hemp Flower

Fun fact: Sour Lifter is bred to be completely seedless. Through selective breeding, Oregon CBD seeds have created this sour version of Lifter to produce female plants that are resistant to producing seeds, meaning a more potent flower come harvest.

Sunset Lake CBD’s hand-trimmed Sour Lifter hemp flower is slow-cured and burped to ensure quality and smokability. Our glass jars come equipped with two-way humidity packs to control moisture levels and allow for an even longer in-glass cure.

Sunset Lake CBD tests all smokable hemp flower for cannabinoids, terpenes, heavy metals, and residual pesticides. You can see our third-party test results here.

Sour Lifter’s Lineage

Suver Haze #50 x Gorilla Glue #4 (CBD Conversion)

Genetics are sourced from Oregon CBD Seeds

Sour Lifter’s Terpene Content

● Total - 2.5%

● Terpinolene - 0.64%

● Myrcene - 0.38%

● Alpha-Pinene - 0.03%

Sour Lifter’s Aroma

Sunset Lake CBD’s Sour Lifter presents citrus notes— sour lime, tangerine, and a hint of grapefruit. Some users may find this quite acidic and reminiscent of sour fruit beers.

Suggested Use

Smoking Your Sour Lifter Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp flower requires a few items, but it is the quickest and most straightforward way to enjoy your Sour Lifter. You’ll need a ‘smoking’ apparatus— papers, pipes, or a vaporizer will do. Break up Sour Lifter buds with your fingers or with a specialized herb grinder and pack the pieces of flower into your preferred apparatus. Use a lighter or match to light the packed hemp flower and inhale (skip this step if you are using a vaporizer). Enjoy.

Other Uses For Your Sour Lifter Hemp Flower

You can also use your Sour Lifter Hemp Flower to make your own tincture or edibles. These methods require an infusion and are less straightforward. Check out our blog pieces about hemp flower infusions here.


Short Description:

Sungrown. Single-origin. Sativa-dominant hemp flower.

CBD - 16.5%

CBG - 0.60%

Δ9 THC - < 0.03%

  • Organic Swiss hemp

  • Made in Switzerland

  • Used by Practitioners in clinics

  • Made in a GMP & Swiss Medic approved facility

  • Lab tested by third party

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